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  • See which Google Workspace features are available for your license
    Wondering why you can’t see a particular Google Workspace feature? Check out this table (updated 15 June 2022) to see if it’s available for your particular Google Workspace license.
  • What is multi-factor authentication and do I really need it as a sole trader?
    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a way to prove your online identity through two different checks. It is sometimes called two-step verification (2SV) or two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Improve your Google Workspace security by adding a Super Admin account
    A comprehensive guide to improving your small business Google Workspace security by setting up a separate Super Administrator account
  • Staying safe with Google Workspace and 2 step authentication
    I’ve previously written about using 2 factor authentication (2FA) to stay safer when using your Google account, even as a sole trader. I also mentioned how that particular authentication technique couldn’t be used with Google Workspace. However, there is another version of 2FA or two-step verification that can be used by Google Workspace users which […]
  • Are Google Keep notes encrypted?
    No. I love Google Keep but I definitely do not recommend storing any sensitive information via it. Store all that information (passwords, personal identification information, bank details etc) in an app that’s specifically designed to hold all that information securely.
  • What is a password manager and why do I need one?
    Last week I wrote about cyber security specifically passwords and passphrases and how using a password manager could help. What is a password manager? Password managers pretty much do what the label says – they allow you to store all your passwords in a virtual safe. All you need to remember is the safe’s ‘combination’ […]
  • Why do I need to worry about cyber security? I’m just a sole trader!
    Being online and digital is great – it can save small businesses (including sole traders) time, and allow owners to work ‘anywhere, anytime’. But with that connection also comes risk. We’ve all heard of online scams that target individuals and security breaches targeting large companies with the end result usually a request for money or […]