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  • See which Google Workspace features are available for your license
    Wondering why you can’t see a particular Google Workspace feature? Check out this table (updated 15 June 2022) to see if it’s available for your particular Google Workspace license.
  • Keep multiple Google calendars updated with Zapier
    Want to sync certain events from a personal to a work Google Calendar without manually inviting it each time? Learn how a Zapier workflow may be the answer in this easy to read, practical article.
  • Track your time in Google Calendar and Google Sheets
    Want to track the amount of time you’ve spent on a particular project, client or activity? Learn how Google Calendar, Google Sheets and Zapier may be the answer in this easy to read, practical article.
  • Improve your Google Calendar productivity with keyboard shortcuts
    Do you want to create or edit an event with a single click? How about jump to a specific date in Google Calendar? These shortcuts will help improve your productivity in less than 5 minutes!
  • How Do I Suggest A New Time in Google Calendar
    We’ve all experienced it right? Someone sends us a calendar invitation and we want to attend but the time or date just isn’t right. So how do you suggest a new time if you’re using Google Calendar?
  • How To Create a Google Calendar Event Template
    Do you ever have to create the same event over and over? Perhaps you’ve got standard ‘job details’ that need to be added to an event – how do you make sure they’re properly added?
  • How to create a Google Calendar event from Gmail
    Did you know there are two different ways to create a Google Calendar event from Gmail? Both are easy to do but you do end up with different calendar events
  • What is a ‘workspace’ in Google Drive?
    Are you a Google Workspace user? You may be wondering what ‘workspace’ is in Google Drive and how to use it. Read on to find out more!
  • What’s the difference between Google Keep and Google Tasks?
    What a great question! And one that I think a lot of people ask. After all, you can set reminders on Google Keep just like you can on Google Tasks, you can put details into each and both show up in Google Calendar. So why choose one over the other? Do you even have to […]
  • My Google Calendar mobile app does not sync with my desktop Google Calendar
    One of the main advantages of Google Calendar is how you can enter an event via the web interface and within seconds it is visible on your phone – or vice versa: add an event on your phone and woosh, there it is on Google Calendar on your computer. Unfortunately, for some people that last […]
  • Are Google Keep Notes available offline?
    If you’re using the Google Keep mobile app then you can access previously synced Google Keep Notes even when you’re not connected to the internet. But what if you’re not using the mobile app?
  • Are Google Keep notes encrypted?
    No. I love Google Keep but I definitely do not recommend storing any sensitive information via it. Store all that information (passwords, personal identification information, bank details etc) in an app that’s specifically designed to hold all that information securely.
  • Are Google Calendar tasks private?
    Yes they are. In fact they are so private that you can’t even share them with someone else, which is a major failing in my opinion and one of the reasons I still keep using Google Keep. Want to learn more about Google Keep and how you can use it in your small business? Check […]
  • How can I see when a Google Calendar event was created?
    Wondering when a Google Calendar event was created or modified? There’s only one way to do that if you’re using the free version of Google Calendar.
  • Are Google Keep notes backed up?
    Are Google Keep notes backed up? Well yes and no. But there’s a great way to keep a separate copy of them if you want via Google Docs
  • Why is my default Google Calendar not showing on the mobile app?
    Have you changed the name of your Google Calendar on your PC or laptop? Many people do, to make the default Google Calendar name more meaningful to them. But, then you go to your Google Calendar mobile app and the name change hasn’t come through! So you refresh the calendar app; uninstall and reinstall it; […]
  • Can I RSVP to a Google Calendar invite from an alternate email address?
    This question is asked a lot, and it is weird that Google Calendar doesn’t allow for this, given you can add alternate email addresses to your calendar. If you want the RSVP to come from your alternate email then you need to respond directly from that email, not from the main or default email.
  • Can I share Google Calendar notifications with someone else?
    This guide gives you three quick ways to get in touch through Google Calendar, with your guests on web or mobile.
  • Copying a Google Keep note
    I love the ability to copy a Google Keep note – personally I’ve set up a number of notes which act as templates (like packing lists for example) and when I need to use one I just copy it for my next trip or requirement. This article quickly and easily shows you how to do […]
  • Chapter 4 – Deleting and restoring Google Keep Notes
    In this chapter we’ll learn how to delete and restore Google Keep Notes on both the website and the mobile app.
  • Chapter 3 of Google Keep for Small Business Owners
    In Chapter 3 of Google Keep for Small Business Owners we look at some of the basics: how to create and edit a note on both the Google Keep website and the mobile app
  • Setting up Gmail Signature blocks in Google Workspace
    Want to automatically add a signature block to your email? Or choose a different signature every time you write an email? Learn how!
  • Doing More with Google Tasks
    A few days ago I wrote about Getting Started with Google Tasks and today I thought I might go a little further into how you as a sole trader, professional or independent contractor can use this light-weight but extremely handy application from Google. If you haven’t looked at the earlier post then please do so […]
  • Getting Started with Google Keep
    One of the things I like most about going digital is having the ability to take notes and get reminders about things no matter where I am. No more looking for paper or a pen; no more scribbling a phone number on the palm of my hand; no more searching for that Post It note […]
  • Why can’t I see my tasks on the Google Calendar mobile app?
    Update September 2020: Google is slowly rolling out the ability to add Tasks from the Google Calendar mobile app which is fantastic news. When you click on the + button in the bottom right, you’ll see the ability to add a Task as well as Event or Reminder. No more worrying about where your tasks […]
  • I’m not seeing my reminders or tasks in my Google calendar – what’s going on?
    This is a question I hear a lot – someone will tell me they created a Google Keep reminder or a Google Task but that they can’t then see the item in their Google Calendar. The first thing is to confirm – is this happening on the desktop/laptop version of Google Calendar or on the […]
  • Getting started with Google Tasks
    I love to-do lists (which might explain why I wrote a book called “Master your To-do list“) and I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you do too. Luckily Google has provided us with an easy to use, light-weight task (or to-do) application for free. Who shouldn’t use Google Tasks? Before going any further, I should […]