Google Workspace support for Australian small business owners

Hi there fellow small business owner! I’m assuming that you’re here because you want some support with either setting up or managing Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) in your small business and if that’s the case then I can definitely help you.

Assistance in setting up Google Workspace

I offer the following support for small business owners who wish to set up Google Workspace in their business:

  • The opportunity for upto 20% discount per user on your Google Workspace fees (for the first year)
  • Creation of user account on desktop and mobile devices including 2 step authentication
  • Email signature creation customised to your requirements
  • 2 hours training for end user on how to use Google Workspace (delivered virtually and recorded for business’ own use). Customised to your requirements.
  • Take home guides for end user on how to use Google Workspace

The cost is AUD$225 to set up Google Workspace for 1 user.

Additions to the basic set up of Google Workspace

  • Set up Google Workspace for more than 1 user: AUD$25 for every additional user.
  • Migrate your email and calendar history from another provider: AUD$50 per user
  • Set up of shared drives: AUD$25
  • 5 hours one-on-one training on how to administer Google Workspace (delivered virtually and recorded for your own use): AUD$100

Ongoing assistance in managing Google Workspace

Have you already set up Google Workspace and are keen to let someone else do the work of managing it so you can concentrate on your own business? Well, I’d be more than happy to help you out! I offer the following services:

  • Add/remove additional users to Google Workspace (includes mobile device setup and 2 factor authentication) – $40 per user
  • Change user details – $40 per user
  • 2 hour training on how to use Google Workspace as an end user – $40 per user. Customised to your requirements, delivered virtually and recorded for later use by the end user whenever they want.
  • Creation of end user guides on how to use new Google Workspace features – $25 per guide. Customised to your requirements and created whenever Google Workspace updates an end user feature
  • Application of Google Workspace updates to your small business – $25 per update
  • Add / remove additional domains – $100