Google Workspace Tips

  • Suggested 1:1 or group Google chats don’t work for everyone
    Are you a sole trader/solopreneur and wondering why you’re not seeing suggested 1:1 chats based on current meetings on your Google Calendar?
  • How to turn Google Maps on in Google Workspace
    This article explains how to resolve the “no access to google maps contact administrator” error in just a couple of quick easy steps – so let’s get started. Actually, before we do – just a reminder that you’ll need to have Google Workspace administrator rights to resolve this issue. If that’s you, fantastic. If not, […]
  • My Google Calendar mobile app does not sync with my desktop Google Calendar
    One of the main advantages of Google Calendar is how you can enter an event via the web interface and within seconds it is visible on your phone – or vice versa: add an event on your phone and woosh, there it is on Google Calendar on your computer. Unfortunately, for some people that last […]
  • How to allow someone outside your business access to a Google Calendar
    Has this ever happened to you – you’re trying to share your Google Workspace Calendar with someone outside of your business and the only option you have is ‘See only free/busy’ but really you want them to see the event details? For sole traders this usually happens when they try to share their work calendar […]
  • Are Google Calendar tasks private?
    Yes they are. In fact they are so private that you can’t even share them with someone else, which is a major failing in my opinion and one of the reasons I still keep using Google Keep. Want to learn more about Google Keep and how you can use it in your small business? Check […]
  • How can I see when a Google Calendar event was created?
    Wondering when a Google Calendar event was created or modified? There’s only one way to do that if you’re using the free version of Google Calendar.
  • Are Google Keep notes backed up?
    Are Google Keep notes backed up? Well yes and no. But there’s a great way to keep a separate copy of them if you want via Google Docs
  • Setting up Gmail Signature blocks in Google Workspace
    Want to automatically add a signature block to your email? Or choose a different signature every time you write an email? Learn how!
  • Why can’t I see my tasks on the Google Calendar mobile app?
    Update September 2020: Google is slowly rolling out the ability to add Tasks from the Google Calendar mobile app which is fantastic news. When you click on the + button in the bottom right, you’ll see the ability to add a Task as well as Event or Reminder. No more worrying about where your tasks […]
  • I’m not seeing my reminders or tasks in my Google calendar – what’s going on?
    This is a question I hear a lot – someone will tell me they created a Google Keep reminder or a Google Task but that they can’t then see the item in their Google Calendar. The first thing is to confirm – is this happening on the desktop/laptop version of Google Calendar or on the […]