What Google Workspace Admins need to know about Google Meet updates – May 2021

This quick yet comprehensive article helps small business Google Workspace admins learn all they need to know about the May 2021 Google Meet updates including what they need to do as an administrator and the effect it will have on their end users.


Staying safe with Google Workspace and 2 step authentication

I’ve previously written about using 2 factor authentication (2FA) to stay safer when using your Google account, even as a sole trader. I also mentioned how that particular authentication technique couldn’t be used with Google Workspace. However, there is another version of 2FA or two-step verification that can be used by Google Workspace users which […]


How to allow someone outside your business access to a Google Calendar

Has this ever happened to you – you’re trying to share your Google Workspace Calendar with someone outside of your business and the only option you have is ‘See only free/busy’ but really you want them to see the event details? For sole traders this usually happens when they try to share their work calendar […]