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How can I see when a Google Calendar event was created?

Wondering when a Google Calendar event was created or modified? There’s only one way to do that if you’re using the free version of Google Calendar.

There’s two ways to see when a Google Calendar event was created. If you’re using Google Workspace (was G Suite), then the administrator will have access to an audit log that shows this detail.

But if you’re using Google Workspace as a regular user (or even using the free version of Google Calendar), then you’re still able to see when your own events were created or modified – but you’ll need to undertake a couple of steps to do so.

Download the Google Calendar file

The first step is to download your Google Calendar:

  • Open Google Calendar on your PC:
  • In the top right of the browser window, click on Settings (the Gear icon) Settings and then click on Settings in the drop down menu.
  • In the menu on the left, click Import & export.
  • Under “Export,” click Export.  A ZIP file of all your Google Calendar events will download to your computer. 

Find the Google Calendar event details

The next step is to unzip that download and then open the icalendar file that is in it, with Notepad or another text editor.

There’s a lot of information in that file (especially if you’ve got a lot of events!) but for each event you will be able to see the date it was created as well as the date it was last modified.

To find any particular event just search for the event title or details. The event title will be under the line ‘Summary’ in this download whilst the details will be under the line ‘Description’.

As you can see in this screenshot all event information is contained within the BEGIN:VEVENT and END:VEVENT lines.

Google Calendar event details after

Check when the event was created and/or last modified

The final step is to actually check the creation and or modification dates!

Once you’ve found your event look for the two lines titled CREATED and LAST-MODIFIED lines which come up before the SUMMARY or DESCRIPTION lines. These show the dates when the event was created and last modified (weird huh!) in YYYYMMDD and using Greenwich Mean Time.

In my example above you can see the event (Test to see when this event was created) was created on 23 July 2020 at 11:45am GMT and hasn’t been modified since then.

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19 replies on “How can I see when a Google Calendar event was created?”

Thanks so much for this. Helped me locate a phone number that I hadn’t saved as I knew I had made a calendar appointment straight after my phone call.

Thank you. People in my office put meetings on the calendar without any notice. Helpful to suss out when they did so.

How did you see the event details added by others? I share a Google calendar with my ex husband and he keeps changing things without warning but when I try to export the calendar event files it doesn’t allow me to add his calendar to the export , therefore I can’t see events added by him

Please advise if the date time on this is 19:18 or 9:18

dcat Room – Located near Counseling Office [65 LCD Panel, Conference phone]
LOCATION:WHS Wildcat Room – Located near Counseling Office [65” LCD Panel\,
Conference phone]
SUMMARY:Dietrich Aide interview

This is a LOT of extra work to find out when someone sent an invite. Google needs to come up with a better solution.

You could query the appointment via a Google App Script. It could expose the date created and the last date modified. There are several example on the web of how to build a script in Google Sheets that would download the Google Calendar information.

Please help

I have exported the file, but when I open it, it only shows me a list of all my events. It doesn’t give me the details as described above and I can’t select or expand my events for more information to see when it was entered. Staff are saying they put things in the calendar on a specific day that needs to be verified.

thanks for your help

Hi Evan, it might be easier if you send me a message through my contact form as I would need to see a screenshot of your export file to get an understanding of what’s happening here.

Hi Priya,
Hope you are well. I’m having the same problem as Evan (23rd April 2023).
Any advice please?
Many thanks.

Hey there, If I understood correctly, I believe in the instructions given, it explains that when you export the file, it will give you a list of “ALL” Events created and you will have to sift through them focusing on the “Summary” for the particular Event. Once you find it, you can then read the details for it. Hope I’m right and this clarifies it for you. Good luck!

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