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Learn how to reply to a shared inbox email address

Have you set up a shared inbox in Google Workspace, but are struggling to reply with the group address? Learn the fix in less than 3 minutes!


I’ve set up a collaborative inbox for our team, but I’ve hit a snag! When I reply to emails sent to the shared address, the message frustratingly shows my own email as the sender. This defeats the purpose of the shared inbox. Ideally, I want replies to appear from the group address itself. Is there a way to configure this setting?


You can watch the video, or follow the article below – your choice!

Step 1 – Change your Gmail settings

Go to Gmail / Settings / See all settings

See all settings screenshot

Click on the Accounts tab (it may say Accounts and Import tab depending on your Google Workspace set up) and click on Add another email address

Add another email address screenshot

Enter the group email address. You may also wish to change the name so it reflects that this is a group email address:

Add details screenshot

Follow the steps to verify the email address.

Step 2: Wait a little bit!

Wait a couple of minutes and then reload your Gmail browser window.

Step 3: Try to respond to an email that was sent to the group

After reloading Gmail click Reply on an email that was sent to the group address.

The email sender will be automatically assigned as the group email address.

You can check this by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the Recipient’s address, and then clicking on Edit subject

Edit subject screenshot

You’ll see that the group email address is set as the default sender

Group inbox as sender screenshot

And when the recipient looks at the reply, it shows as coming from the group inbox rather than you personally:

from group

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