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Learn the advanced way to delete users from Google Calendar

So usually it’s pretty easy to delete a user from Google Calendar but sometimes they just don’t want to stay deleted!

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And this can happen to anyone – a regular user in your business or even yourself as a Google Workspace administrator.

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So there’s two things to check first:

  1. Have you given your whole business permission to see your calendar? This is usually turned on by default, and if someone is in your business then they’ll still be able to see your calendar even if you delete them from the Share with specific people section.
Whole company has access
  1. The second thing is to open an Incognito window, and then log into Google Calendar from there. Then  try and delete the user.

If that still doesn’t work and you’ve confirmed that your whole business doesn’t have permission to see your calendar, then there is a (slightly) fiddly way to fix it! But I promise that it is actually quite simple to do – there’s just a bit of copying and pasting required.

The advanced way – but it’s still just copying and pasting!

Open a browser tab and go to the Google Calendar API. This is basically a way for you to ‘talk’ to the backend of Google Calendar.

Then on the right hand side of the window, click Try It

Try it

Step 1: Add your calendar details

Then type the word primary in the calendarID field.


If you’re trying to remove someone from a secondary calendar that you own, then open up your Google calendar in a separate browser tab, click on ‘settings and sharing’ next to the calendar name, go down to Integrate Calendar and copy the full information under Calendar ID:

calendar ID

Then come back to the Developer Tab and paste that information into the calendarID field.

You can also do this for any other user’s calendar – just type their username (usually their email address) into the calendarID field if you want to amend their primary calendar, or ask them to send their secondary calendar ID to you.

Step 2: Add the other person’s details

Now, type user: and the full email of the user that you want to remove in the ruleID field. For example to remove Novice Hame from your calendar.

Other users details

Step 3: Put the code in that’ll remove the user

Click the blue icon next to Add request body parameters and click on role.

select role

Then type none between the quotation marks.

role is none

Then click on Execute.

Execute API 2

You’ll probably be asked to give permission to Google to change this, say yes to everything.

You’ll then see some green code, which indicates that the user has been removed, and if you go back to your Google Calendar’s Settings page you can see that for yourself!

success code

You can also use these steps to remove external users as well which is very handy.

Remember: Check the organisational sharing

If the other user is still claiming they can see your events, then make sure you’ve removed the permission for your whole organisation to see your calendar – or at least changed it to Free/Busy.

Whole company has access

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