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What’s the difference between Google Keep and Google Tasks?

What a great question! And one that I think a lot of people ask. After all, you can set reminders on Google Keep just like you can on Google Tasks, you can put details into each and both show up in Google Calendar.

So why choose one over the other? Do you even have to choose? This article may help you answer those questions a bit more easily.

Do you want toThen choose
Add lots and lots of unstructured information to a noteGoogle Keep
See notes in a poster format Google Keep
Add drawings, web content, images and audio to notesGoogle Keep
Share notes with other people Google Keep
Add a location based reminder (like for a shopping list)Google Keep
Create a Google Doc from a note or notes Google Keep
Link a Google Doc, Sheet or Slide to a note for referencing purposesGoogle Keep
Search for notes by colour or labelGoogle Keep
View reminders on Google Calendar Tasks
Link an email for referencing purposes on your computerTasks or Keep
Add a date and time to be reminded of the itemTasks or Keep
See tasks and lists in a minimalist designGoogle Tasks
Link an email from Gmail mobile appGoogle Tasks
Organise lists by date or custom orderGoogle Tasks

For me personally, Google Keep wins hands down not just for taking notes but also as a key component of my productivity system.

You might like to check out Doing More with Google Tasks to get a better idea of whether that application is more suitable for you as a sole trader.

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